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Rules for girls in grades

  • Plaid jumper. (Grades K-5)
  • White uniform blouse with Peter Pan collar and short sleeves or white polo shirt. In cold weather a long sleeved polo and turtleneck are allowed. (Grades K-5)
  • Navy blue uniform cardigan sweater. (Grades K-5)
  • Plaid skirt. (Grades 6-8)
  • White uniform blouse with short or long sleeves or white polo shirt. In cold weather a long sleeved polo and turtleneck are allowed. (Grades 6-8)
  • Navy twill uniform walk shorts or slacks; no cargo style pants or shorts are allowed.
  • Navy V neck vest or long sleeve sweater with skirts only. (Grades 6-8)
  • Only plain white undershirts without logos are allowed.
  • White or navy socks; white or navy tights all without designs or logos.
  • ND pullover or zipper sweatshirt, ND jacket or ND fleece pullover. Athletic ND pullover (Grades 6-8) are acceptable only if a student has participated in a sport.
  • The skirt should be not more than 3 inches above the middle of the knee. Parents must monitor the length of skirts and accommodation for a child’s growth must be made when need be.
  • Girls must wear shorts under the uniform at all times. The shorts must not extend below the hem of the skirt and should be blue, black, or white in color.
  • A dark belt (navy, black or brown) is required in grades 3-8 with pants or shorts.
  • For girls the gray polo may be worn with pants or shorts.

Boys grades

  • Navy blue cords, navy twill pants, navy walk shorts; no cargo style pants or shorts are allowed.
  • White or gray polo shirt. In cold weather a long sleeved polo or turtleneck is allowed. Only solid white undershirts without designs or logos are allowed.
  • Navy blue Merry Mart cardigan sweater, ND pullover or zipper sweatshirt, ND jacket or ND fleece pullover. ND athletic pullover (Grades 6-8) is acceptable only if a student has participated in a sport. (Shirts or sweatshirts with other Notre Dame/Irish logos designed for the sports program may only be worn on free dress days.)
  • A dark belt (navy, black or brown) is required in grades 3-8.
  • White, black or navy socks without designs or logos.

Jackets for all students

  • Jackets may be worn to and from school and during recess and lunch, but are not to be worn in the classroom. Outerwear may not have offensive language or images. ND sweatshirts, fleece pullover or uniform sweaters may be worn in the classroom, but no other type.

For All Students Uniform and Non-uniform (Free Dress) Days


  • The uniform shoe is one that promotes the physical development and safety of the student. Shoes worn to school must also be safe to wear to P.E. classes. For physical and developmental growth and safety, shoes must tie and be tied securely to prevent injury. Velcro fasteners instead of ties are acceptable if the fit is good.
  • Black, blue, brown, gray or white athletic shoes with appropriate heel and ankle support are required. We understand that there may be some additional colored ornamentation.
  • Hiking boot type tread, lug soles, platform shoes, or shoes with flat bottoms are not acceptable due to the risk of injury to the ankle.
  • Shoes with wheels (heelies), zippers, or lights are not permitted.
  • Vans, Converse, slip-ons, flip flops, sandals, slippers, backless shoes, or skateboarding and other shoes without appropriate foot, heel and ankle support may not be worn for safety reasons.
  • Shoes with multiple logos such as Coach, Guess, etc. are not allowed.
  • Shoe laces must be black, blue or white ONLY.
  • Socks without logos must be worn at all times and must be visible above the top of the shoe.


  • Shirts must be neatly tucked in during all class time and P.E.
  • Pants (Uniform/Non Uniform Days)
  • Pants may not be overly baggy or droop below the waist or otherwise mimic clothing worn by gangs, nor are they allowed to be extremely tight.

Hats (Uniform/Non Uniform Days)

  • The only hat that is acceptable for uniform school wear or free dress days is the Hallmark Hat. No hats may be worn in the classroom or inside other school rooms. Hats must be worn with the bill forward in the traditional style. There may be certain days or events when we will announce that other types of hats are acceptable.

Non Uniform Standards

  • Clothing with objectionable wording or symbols that convey vulgar, violent, ambiguous, or inappropriate messages are not permitted. The judgment of the school administration is final.

Non-Uniform Attire

Students may attend school out of uniform on special days, designated by the school or in honor of their birthday. If the birthday falls on a weekend, a holiday, or during vacation, an alternate date may be chosen. If a birthday falls on a day the school is attending Mass, “birthday free dress” must be rescheduled.

Full Uniform will be worn for all school liturgies:
  • Boys must wear uniform pants and girls must wear uniform skirts or pants – no shorts are permitted on days the school will attend Mass.
  • Uniform polo shirt, turtleneck, or blouse.
  • Children must wear school sweater, jacket or sweatshirt. Non-uniform jackets, with the occasional exception of a rain coat on a rainy day, will not be allowed at church.
  • Birthday free dress may not be scheduled on a day the school attends Mass.

Uniforms may be purchased using the following links:
Dennis Uniform:

Merry Mart Uniform:

For uniform exchange information please click here

Hair Styles and grooming

  • Hair must be trimmed neatly.
  • Boy’s haircut needs to be trimmed above the collar, above the eyebrows, and around the ear.
  • Extreme hairstyles, as determined by school administration, are not allowed.
  • Hair may not be dyed or highlighted, shaved, have lines shaved into the hair, or tails in the back.
  • Extensions, hair beads, or excessive braids and adornments are not allowed.
  • Hair accessories should be neutral colors (navy, black, brown or white only) No bright colors are permitted with the uniform.
  • For older boys, no facial hair is allowed. Older boys who are beginning to have facial hair will be asked to shave.


Some of our staff and students have a sensitivity to perfumes, cologne, hair products, and/or overly fragrant laundry products. Students should refrain from using grooming products that are perfumed, and we ask that parents use care in choosing laundry products and avoid those with strong scents. Those who suffer from fragrance sensitivity will be grateful.


Students are required to be clean and neatly groomed and in complete uniform, except on days designated “free dress” days. General rules regarding grooming are as follows:

Jewelry: Students may not wear jewelry to school, with the exception of wristwatches, and small appropriate rings or necklaces; girls with pierced ears may wear stud-backed earrings only. Loop or hanging earrings may not be worn for safety reasons. More than one earring per ear is not acceptable, either.

Make-up: No make-up may be worn by students, including but not limited to, blush, eye make-up, lipstick or anything that sparkles, temporary or permanent tattoos, etc. Nail polish must be clear, and acrylic nails are not permitted. Students who arrive at school wearing make-up or colored nail polish will be asked to remove it before attending class.