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Student Learning Expectations

Student Learning Expectations



Honor God and others
  • Show gratitude & care for the environment and all of creation.
  • Understand & practice the teachings of Christ & Church.
  • Participate in the liturgical and Sacramental life of the Church.
  • Demonstrate through their actions an understanding that God is good.
  • We embrace the gift of diversity.
Engage in learning
  • Are competent readers, writers, and communicators.
  • Apply mathematical, scientific, and technological skills using critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Critically consider choices and apply prior knowledge to make effective and moral decisions.
  • Actively participate, question, and reflect on learning in class.
Accept differences among us
  • Have respect and reverence for diversity in our community and an appreciation of world cultures.
  • Demonstrate self-respect and respect for others.
Rally for justice and peace
  • Participate in outreach efforts in our school, local, and global communities.
  • Dedicate time to service.
Together create community
  • Understand their roles as citizens of Church, family, community, country, and world.
  • Seek solutions by listening to others and working, both independently and collaboratively.