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Primary students are naturally curious and eager to explore. Through hands-on activities, small group instruction, and partnership with parents, our primary students build the foundation to be lifelong learners, responsible citizens and effective communicators.


Emphasizing the development of the whole child, we recognize the importance of balancing academic standards with the developmental stages of our students. Our program features small class sizes, but students enjoy opportunities to join with the student body across our school community. In kindergarten students work on reading, writing sentences, thinking critically and solving problems. In first and second grades, students strengthen foundational skills to support academic success. Students also learn how to listen attentively, actively participate, collaborate with peers, and become organized for success throughout their education.

Academics & Enrichment

Students benefit from Spanish, community service projects, our reading buddy program, and parent visits. Primary classes explore our community through a variety of field trips, and welcome a variety of guest speakers.