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Parent Club

Parent Club

Purpose and Mission

The Moreland Notre Dame Parent Club is a community of parents who work to support Moreland Notre Dame School in its mission to provide students with the foundations of Christ-centered faith and life-long learning.

In keeping with the Hallmarks of a Notre Dame de Namur Learning Community, the Parent Club provides a sense of community and welcome for families, provides school volunteers who enhance the educational program, offers support services such as yard duty and chaperones, and sponsors fundraising efforts to provide special programs that benefit the students.

The Moreland Notre Dame Parent Club abides by the rules and regulations of Moreland Notre Dame School, adopted by and revised from time to time, school administration, and the MND Board of Directors. The Parent Club and school administration work in a spirit of cooperation and goodwill for the benefit of the students of Moreland Notre Dame School.

Membership and Dues

Every parent or guardian of a Notre Dame student is a member of the Parent Club. Every family is responsible for annual dues, found in the current tuition schedule, to support the activities of the parent club. Dues are deposited into the Parent Club account that is included on the Balance Sheet of Moreland Notre Dame School under the federal tax identification number of the Moreland Notre Dame School Corporation, a California Nonprofit Religious Corporation (501c3).

Parent Club meetings will be held quarterly (with dates set at the start of the school year). These meetings will serve as an opportunity to go over any announcements or information that needs to be shared. It will allow for opportunities for the various committees to give updates, recruit volunteers, etc. The meetings will be considered mandatory for at least one member of each family.

All MND parents are expected to complete 30 hours of school service annually.

More importantly, students benefit materially, educationally, and spiritually from their parent's support of the school, presence at school events, and active participation in the Parent Club.