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Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Parent Club Executive Board Members
  • President
  • Vice President
    VP will serve as President the following year. VP will also be responsible for taking minutes and getting them posted on the school website.
  • CFFO (Chief Financial/Fundraising Officer)
  • Irish Crew
  • Team Captain Officer
  • Tacos & Brews Events Officer
  • Service Hour Officer
  • Secretary
  • Hospitality Officer
  • Social Media Officer
  • Box Top Coordinators


The President will set the agenda, beginning with a prayer and ending with assignments for the next meeting.

Vice President

The Vice President will take minutes and post minutes on the school website. The VP will take on the role of President at the end of each school year.

Parent Team Manager

The Parent Team Manager will preside on the executive board and attend all monthly executive meetings, all officer meetings, and help support the agenda of each one of the 4 Parent Club meetings. It is the role of the team manager to oversee all of the teams and their responsibilities by supervising the team captains. The manager will begin the year by leading each team captain to get positions filled on each team roster. From there, it is the duty of the manager to just remind, check in, and supervise to see that all events and team responsibilities are running smoothly. There may be times that team captains will need to attend the officers meetings, or gather prior to the Parent Club meetings, in this case the manger will be there to support his/her team.

The Parent Team Manager will need to have an assistant manager throughout the school year, whose job is to get to know the role and responsibilities in order to take over as manager at the end of the school year. (It will be very beneficial if the assistant manager has already had prior experience as a team captain.)

Responsibilities that fall under the role of Manager include the following:

  • Supervising Team Captains in each grade level
  • Coordinating the Halloween Carnival
  • Ordering Pizzas for the Christmas Parties
  • Serving as an assistant to the School Picnic Chairman

Chief Finance Officer Parent Team Manager

The CFFO will serve as the Fundraising Officer and as part of the executive board. The CFFO will keep track of the entire Parent Club budget and help to supervise school fundraisers. (Separate committees will exist for each fundraiser held at MND. The Treasurer does not necessarily need to serve on each committee, just serve as a supervisor. Each fundraiser held at MND will need to have approval and timeline approval through the Development Office at MND.

Responsibilities that fall under the role of CFFO include the following:

  • Keep the budget for the Parent Club account
  • Serve as the Fundraising Officer (see below)
  • Take part in the main fall fundraising event for school families (Irish Derby)
  • Work with the Development office to have fundraisers approved.
  • Hold a spring fundraising meeting to be sure that all fundraisers are on the calendar for the upcoming school year, and things do not overlap.


Officers on the Parent Club board should each oversee a specific area of Parent Club responsibilities. These officers will have one representative from each grade-level to serve as a their committee. Committee members will also be gathered via sign ups during parent club meetings or gatherings. Officers/Committee leaders need to be sure to contact all members on the sign up to get them involved in the committee responsibilities. (Sometimes going beyond an email and making that personal phone call is what is required.) It is the responsibility of that officer to see that the duties of their designated area are fulfilled. The officer position can be seen as a position much like the role of team captain, where committee members complete tasks and the officer is the liaison between board and committee.

Parent Club Responsibilities

Parent Club Teams

The Parent Club Teams will be led by the Team Manager, (whose job description is above mentioned). Each Team will have a Team Captain in the leadership position, whose job will be to serve as a liaison between the classroom teacher and the team, and between team manager and the team. The captain will supervise the team throughout the school year with all of their responsibilities: Halloween carnival, classroom parties, school picnic, fieldtrip responsibilities, bake sales, yard duty, etc. However, it is important to note that each of these responsibilities should have a coordinator from the team – so as all the responsibility does not rest solely on the captain. Each captain, as well as the manager, will receive “training” and a binder to serve as a guide to help the year run smoothly.


The fundraising committee is a unique committee with several sub-committees due to that fact that there is more than one fundraising effort throughout each year. Yearly Parent Club fundraising at MND currently consists of

  • Fall or Winter Social Fundraising event for parents/school families (i.e. Irish Derby)
  • Support of Alumni & Friends Event

The CFO will be utilized by each of the fundraising committees differently; however, it is the responsibility of the Fundraising Officer to report to the board on how each fundraising event is moving along, and the fundraising results of each event.

Committees will emerge for each of these fundraising events, with each event having a separate Committee Chairman. The Officer can be a part of each of these committees or simply check progress through the committee chairman. Each Committee Chairman shall have an Asst. Chairman, who will learn the process, to then take the Chairman role the following year.


The Events Committee plays host and coordinator to several school events throughout the year:

  • Back to School Brunch
  • Open House
  • End-Of-The-Year School Picnic

The Events Officer will play the role of supervisor to each of these events. The officer will report to the board on progress and timeline of each of these events. Each of the above school events will have a committee (of volunteers that have signed up) to plan and host each of the events. The Officer can be a part of each of these committees or simply check progress through the committee chairman. Each Committee Chairman shall have an Asst. Chairman, who will learn the process, to then take the Chairman role the following year.

Service Hours

The Service hour officer will serve on the board as a liaison between Parent Club board and the service hour committee. The officer will supervise a committee (appointed/approved by the principal), whose responsibility is to calculate completed service hour of each school family.


It is the role of the mentoring officer to serve as a leader to the mentoring committee members from each grade level. The mentoring officer will be made aware of any new members joining our MND family. The mentoring officer will pair the new family with the current mentoring family that matches appropriately with the new family. The mentoring committee will have one representative from each grade level team to serve as a committee. The officer should have a willing committee member to learn the process, to then take the Officer role the following year.

The committee will take part in hosting a “pre first day of school” ice cream social. This will be held at school prior to the first day of the school year. All committee members, some board members, and all new families to MND will be invited to attend this social activity. It would be great to get Team captains at this social, as well. At this time, new families can meet and get to know their mentoring buddies.

Throughout the year, the mentors will be expected to communicate, support and be invitational to their new family. Personal phone calls should be made to invite and remind their new family of upcoming meetings, school events. Personal phone calls or face-to-face conversations are so important in the mentoring process. This committee needs to be very invitational and welcoming.

It is the duty of the officer to lead the mentors throughout this process.

****This is an important position to slate at the end of each school year – due to the fact that services will be needed prior to the first working meeting!

*****It is a future goal of this committee to extend itself to those families that have been at MND for a few years and yet still to not feel welcomed or a part of the school community.


The hospitality officer will serve as a supervisor to each grade level hospitality representative. This committee will be responsible for providing “hospitality” and treats for:

  • Parent Club Meetings
  • New family luncheon-held in July
  • School Open House. (Cookies and punch gathering in the cafeteria)

This hospitality committee can divide and conquer or be led by the hospitality officer for each responsibility. The Officer should have an Asst. Chairman to learn the ropes in order to take the position of officer the following year.

It will also be the responsibility of this team to serve as a hospitality committee by helping with food and greeting guests at the following events: Back to School Brunch, New Family Ice Cream Social, Parent Club Socials, etc. whenever possible.

PR Officer

The PR officer will attend all Parent Club Board meetings in order to be informed of all upcoming school events. It is the role of the PR representative to communicate with local newspapers and websites, such as the Watsonville Patch in order to promote the happenings at MND School.

This office will not have a representative on each grade level team. However, it may be helpful for them to work with the yearbook photographer on each grade level team, if needed.

Communications Officer

The communications officer serves on the board in order to be informed of all things happening at MND School. It is the job of this officer to post any reminders, requests, or announcements that need to be made via email to school families. The position of this officer must be approved by school administration as he/she will have email addresses for the entire school community.

Yard Duty Officer

The yard duty officer serves on the board and should attend each of the Officer meetings, as well as the four parent club meetings. The yard duty officer must create a calendar that assigns each grade level team a designated “month” to serve as yard duty monitors. This calendar will need to be completed before school is out in June, and given to the new Team Manager.

The Yard duty committee will consist of the yard duty coordinator from each grade level team. The Yard Duty Officer will remind each grade level yard duty coordinator when their month is approaching, and oversee any situations that arise with yard duty. (Each yard duty coordinator is asked to have a completed sign up calendar, in the office, available to the yard duty officer.