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"As soon as my son started MND in 2018, I knew we weren't just a part of a school, we were now part of an extended family. Staff and parents at MND truly care about each other. My 4 yr old daughter started school this year and she loves it!"

- Milhouse-Smiley family

"The Borrego family has been apart of MND for over 35 years. Their faculty and the values they instill played a big role in my upbringing and MND continues to be a big part of our children's lives. MND is a warm and inviting community that we are proud to be a part of."

- Borrego family

"As an alumna of Moreland Notre Dame, I have had the opportunity to experience an education from this school firsthand. In the years since I have graduated, the school has remained a pillar in the community and continues to be a center of caring teachers, students and parents. Our two sons are currently attending MND and I cannot imagine them being happy anywhere else. There is so much more than excellent academics being taught and it is a place where my boys have made great friends and memories and will continue to do so as they continue forward with their education."

- Jen

"Moreland Notre Dame School provides a faith-based, Christ-centered education for our daughters. They are developing educational skills that will benefit them for many years to come. We are confident that they are receiving a high-quality education at MND because of the commitment of the teachers and staff who care deeply for them."

- Garcia Family

"Being part of the MND 'family of families' has given our family a sense of community and belonging."

- Hudson Family

Our son is going into the 8th grade and he has had boundless opportunities, with no limit to what he can achieve as a result of attending Moreland Notre Dame.

Whether your child plays a sport or an instrument, acts, speaks persuasively, has a passion for science, wants to deepen his or her faith, or yearns to serve others, your child is nurtured, challenged, and cared for.

There is something incredibly special about the Moreland Notre Dame community and our son has thrived here as a result of it. The relationships our son has forged with students, staff, and parents are deep and lasting. He is ready to attend a Catholic college prep high school and continue to flourish!

- Patrick Lee

We have had 3 children experience a Moreland Notre Dame education. Our school is a community of caring teachers, students and parents. My children have always felt safe and comfortable at Notre Dame. The education that the children receive is personal. The teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual student needs. Notre Dame provides a faith-based education in a family-type environment, successfully preparing students for their future education.

- Diana Rose