A schedule of tuition is given to families upon enrollment and prior to each school year. Tuition may be paid in full or divided into 10 monthly payments. We utilize FACTS Management for tuition collection. Our tuition contract is available in the link on the right side bar of this page.

For a complete tuition schedule, please call the school office at (831) 728-2051. For your convenience our 2018-19 tuition rates are listed below.

2018-19 Tuition Schedule

No. of Children Basic Tuition for Year Registration Fees $400 per Child Parent Clubs Amt due by July Mo. tuition pymt due July - April
1 $5,550.00 $400.00 $60.00 $460.00 $555.00
2 $10,780.00 $800.00 $60.00 $860.00 $1,078.00
3 $15,740.00 $1,200.00 $60.00 $1,260.00 $1,574.00
4 $19,680.00 $1,600.00 $60.00 $1,660.00 $1,968.00

Please Note:

Participation in the Parents Club is mandatory for parents. Tuition alone is not sufficient to meet the budgetary needs of the school. Parents are required to pay membership fees, attend meetings and social gatherings, support fundraising efforts, and assist with school improvement projects. These organizations make a vital contribution to the education of our students.