Meetings & Agendas

Parent Club Structure

Parent Club executive board members and Officers will meet once per month (or as needed). These board meetings will be held to keep monthly tabs on the parent clubs responsibilities and have all school entities working together on the same page.

Parent Club meetings (for all school parents) will be held quarterly (with dates set at the start of the school year). These meetings will serve as an opportunity to go over any announcements or information that needs to be shared. It will allow for opportunities for the various committees to give updates, recruit volunteers, etc. These meetings also serve the purpose of being informative and invitational to all school families. Since Parent Club members include the entire body of school parents, all parents need to feel included and involved. The meetings will be considered mandatory for at least one member of each family.

Meeting 1

The first parent club meeting of the year will be held at the start of the school year. Office and Executive members should be introduced and their role explained to the parent community. This meeting is a working meeting and it is very important that all parents attend. It is a very important step in giving every parent a chance to support the responsibilities of the Parent Club.

At this meeting, lead by the Team Parent Manager, each of the grade level teams will collect contact information, divide up representative duties, and elect a Co-Captain that will serve as an understudy and remain on as next year’s captain. It is important to note that ALL parents of each grade level need to attend this working meeting. (Responsibilities tend to fall on team members that are present. It is entirely unfair that team members that do not attend are left without a share in team responsibilities.)

Meeting 2

The second parent club meeting should take place at the start of the second quarter. This should be a social meeting with a small portion of the time set aside to make announcements and a few updates. This meeting can be held on Thursday, or even a Friday, night. It could be a pitch in dinner – or a pitch in cocktail and munchies party. This should be a night where parents can come together as a parent club and enjoy each other’s company.

Meeting 3

Should be held soon after school convenes for the new year. This can be a working meeting in the beginning…to go over gala announcements, class projects, Officer updates, etc. The remainder of the meeting can be spent for socializing. It may be a good idea to have a guest speaker come to this meeting.

An important part of this meeting will also be to get Officers thinking about finding their replacement for the following year. Team Captains will have the Co-Captain to pass their responsibilities to for the following year.

Meeting 4

Will be a social meeting. A brief minute of business will take place to vote “swear in” new board members and make needed announcements. The remainder of his meeting is a long standing MND tradition of taking time to honor the graduating Mom’s and Dad’s that have spent countless hours of service towards our school. Each grade level team will also receive special gifts of gratitude from the teachers and the PC Board.